What I Learned at My High School Reunion

HAS FACEBOOK rendered the high school reunion obsolete?


Last night I gathered with several dozen people with whom I graduated 25 (gulp) years ago. Several of them are Facebook friends, so I already knew about their professional successes, their personal situations, their kids, and what they looked like. In other words, most of the reasons you go to a reunion had been obviated.

But you can’t feel a hug through Facebook. You can’t look someone in the eye on Facebook and say how grateful you were for the friendship you were shown a quarter-century ago, when the brutal cocktail of self-doubt, hormones, and cliques poisoned so many attempts at forging a genuine bond with others. You can’t buy a dear friend a drink on Facebook.

I had a wonderful time catching up. Chances are I won’t see these folks again for another five years. But actual interaction over a passable buffet and an open bar that thankfully included Yuengling on draft has me hoping that for a few of them, reconnection will carry us beyond status updates and back to the warmth and humanity that only face-to-face presence can provide.

You know, like it was 25 years ago. | DL

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