Taking the Q Train: A New Way to Broadway?

curtainsLEST YOU think that R. is the only Dadlibbing daughter with artistic tendencies, rest assured that Q. is beginning to make her mark as well. At age 6.

A wonderful, dedicated mom at Q.’s elementary school is staging a couple of student-starring musicals next month to raise money for our Parent Teacher Organization. She recruited volunteers to help backstage and landed my piano teacher as the shows’ pianist. And she announced auditions in order to separate the actors into two groups: speaking parts and chorus.

What Mrs. D. and I didn’t realize until the night before was that Q. was supposed to memorize lines from one of the scenes for her audition. Each of us spent the remainder of the evening and some of the next morning running lines with her. By the time she left for school, script in hand for further study, she was doing pretty well. But she’s in kindergarten, after all, so we were all kinda, “Yeah, we should have started helping her earlier, but she’ll have fun in the chorus, and she’ll have plenty more chances in the years to come.”

When I got home, Q. exuberantly exclaimed to me that her audition had gone great. Though in Qspeak that could have meant that she got a cookie afterward.

It was only when Mrs. D. and I conferred privately that I got an inkling of what had gone down. Q. was on stage running her lines as Mrs. D. stood outside the auditorium. One mom, Mrs. D. told me, opened her mouth in disbelief and cupped her hand over it at one point. Another looked at my wife and asked, “Is she yours?” in a way that suggested something out of the ordinary was happening. The next day, unsolicited, I got an email from a fellow PTO board member, who wrote, “I watched her audition. She was amazing.”

Not long after, we received word that Q. had indeed gotten a speaking part. It’s a small one, to be sure, but still. And in the two weeks of rehearsal since then, numerous others have reached out to my wife and me to tell us how mesmerizing Q. has been on stage.

I know, I know. What dad isn’t going to gush about his girl being über-talented and special and all that shit? I get it.

But Q. … man. She’s just really something. What she does with faces and voices is evidence of the hammy fearlessness within her. Combine that with a natural charisma, a very sneaky and sparkling sense of humor, and a frighteningly quick mind, and I can easily see many, many years of attendance at school plays coming my way.

I should tell her now that if she ever gets nominated, I’d better be her date. Why should Bradley Cooper’s mom get to have all the fun? | DL

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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