Rants and Faves, or Why Modern Sports Introduces Cynicism to Fans Far Earlier Than It Should

ShadyTHE WORST PART of the Eagles’ purge of LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin (and, last year, DeSean Jackson) isn’t the torrent of drivel it has unleashed on sports talk radio and Twitter. It’s having to explain it to the girls.

“Why would the Eagles get rid of those players? I thought they were good!”

Well, they are, but their cap hits were too big–

“Can’t they just get smaller helmets?”

Huh? No, no, their salary cap hits. Um, what that means is … um … just go play Minecraft, okay?

It was tough enough explaining to Q. a few years ago that the Phillies had traded her favorite player, Shane Victorino, because the season was a lost cause and they wanted to get some young players in return before he sashayed away in free agency. The complexities of salary caps and revenue sharing and luxury taxes scream at all of us fans: “SPORTS IS A BUSINESS, BOYO. DON’T GET TOO ATTACHED.” I can put on my big-boy pants and understand that. But I’d like to give my kids a few years before they have to understand it, too.

Shady, indeed. | DL

(Image via LeSean McCoy’s Twitter profile.)

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