Chocolate, Professional Development, and Writing Beyond the Job

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THERE WAS chocolate, of course, as we were in Hershey. Even better, there was astoundingly rich camaraderie and fellowship to match the professional development offered by this year’s annual spring CUPRAP conference, a gathering of secondary- and higher-education communications professionals.

As chair of the group’s conference committee, I encouraged attendees to tweet the sessions using the hashtag above so that we could get some nifty online conversation going and allow those who couldn’t make it to follow along. And it worked wonderfully. (Go to Twitter and search for #cuprap13 and you’ll see what I mean.)

And, well, Dadlibbing came up a couple of times. First, a new CUPRAP face tweeted about one of my previous posts — and one of my better ones, at that. Second, in chatting up an awesome social media speaker from Frostburg State University, I found myself itching to blog again. Like me, she wants to write beyond her job; like me, she’s had it fall by the wayside of late. And so we exchanged contact info and pledged together to get back on the horse.

And so here we are, galloping along again. Here’s hoping the trail in front of me is long and winding, for me and my two new friends. | DL

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